High school introduces new five-star tracking program


Jim Weimer, staff writer

The school has decided to implement an id scanning system to keep track of all clubs and activities in the high school


Ryan Rubenstein, Assistant Principal for Student Activities and Facilities, said that this will be a means of seeing what students do and what they don’t.


“Five star is basically a student activity tracking system, that we can use to keep track of involvement in student activities,” Rubenstein said.


Rubenstein wants to eventually progress the program to count the people at homecoming and other school events. He thinks this can eventually be used it as a digital ticket so the school can go paperless.


“Primarily we’re going to start off using this to take attendance at meetings, whether it be a class board meeting or something to that extent. We’re [also] going to use it as an activity tracker, and a way for club sponsors to take attendance very quickly,” Rubenstein said.

Rubenstein, who also runs the program, thinks that it will be a very good device to use for the school. He has high hopes for it, as it can help the school progress further towards paperless, especially after the iPad initiative was finished.

“We want to utilize the program to its full ability, and we’ll go from there.”