Serving some delicious memories

Seniors will have a chance for a free breakfast and to celebrate four years of memories at Friday’s Senior Breakfast.


Seniors should meet in the Main Gym at 9am for the breakfast, which will be catered by Sodexo and served by teachers and staff. Although this event is an annual tradition, this year’s Senior Class Board has been working hard over the past four months to shake some things up to make the experience as special and fun as possible, according to organizers.


“The Senior Breakfast this year is going to be different than the others because we are changing the food and adding a picture slideshow,” Allison Trybula, Senior Class Board member, said. “This year, we will be having a waffle bar where each senior will be able to choose their own toppings. We will have also be having a ton of various fruit. However, we did not forget [about] the meat lovers. There will be sausage and bacon served as well as various breakfast foods, such as muffins and donuts. As for the slideshow, Senior Class Board has collected pictures from various students of their experiences here at Lake Zurich High School. In my opinion, it will really make the senior breakfast very unique.”


Also unique to the class of 2015 is the mural on the wall be the ramp. During senior breakfast, students can sign the mural to leave a lasting imprint on the high school.


Though the actual Senior Breakfast will only last about an hour, the memories all of the seniors made over the past four years will last a lifetime. To help commemorate these memories, the slideshow will take a look back on some of those special moments, and it’s sure to be a big hit, according to Trybula.


“I’m most excited to watch the slideshow,” Trybula said. “I think as a class we did amazing things here at LZHS. I can’t wait to sit down with our class and share a meal for the the very last time and watch all of our memories being played up on a screen.”