Noises Off! to begin Thursday

michael gallagher, staff writer

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The drama department is ready to make some noise this week with the debut of Noises Off!


The play, which premieres this Thursday at 7:30pm, is a play within a play. The story revolves around an ambitious director and a not quite up-to-par cast. The comedy hosts a small cast, but that just means the audience is able to have a more personal relationship with the characters on stage.


“There’s a lot of mis- communications between relationships and slapstick humor, so even if you don’t fully understand the plot, there’s still a lot of actions to make you laugh,” Jason Miller, senior and student director, said.


After seeing a dress rehearsal of the play last week, Bear Facts gives Noises Off! a thumbs up.


Conor Jordan, senior, plays the director of the play the characters are producing, Nothing On. His strong voice and personality make the humor in the play more exciting and enjoyable. And Amy Holtschult, senior, also has a strong, quirky personality in this play that meshes well with her on-stage character.


Although the play is a comedy, the humor seems to be directed towards an older audience with an appreciation for theatre and the behind-the-scenes aspect of plays. The set and props are very well done and beautifully built. The set takes a more creative spin during the second act to help convey the change in setting from the dress rehearsal to backstage. Overall, Noises Off! is a fast moving comedy with quirky characters and small, intimate cast.


“Last year we chose a love show, so this year it was really nice to have a comedic show,” Miller said. “Also [the play] is really entertaining because it is a show within a show, so you get to see two perspectives of the show. Also the first act is from the point of view of an audience member, and then it switches to behind the scenes. There’s a lot of people that can relate to this, so I think our audience will enjoy it.”


Admission is $8 for students and seniors and $10 for adults. Tickets may be purchased online at

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