Frosh Friday: Ready to ditch the drama of middle school, take on responsibilities of high school


Amelia Vasco, freshman, smiles with her younger sister Giovanna. Vasco loves to go boating with her family in her free time.

kianna novak, staff writer

Name: Amelia Vasco
Middle School: Lake Zurich Middle School North

Q: What are you most looking forward to in high school?
A: The freedom and choice that high schoolers get is definitely what I’m most looking forward to in high school because I’m a very independent person, so I didn’t really need to be constantly micromanaged. However I can’t say the same for others in my class because our grade, as a whole, was pretty crazy and hard to manage.


Q: What do you think will be your biggest challenge in high school?
A: My course load is something that really intimidates me because I’m in three honors classes and I don’t have a study hall. My grades are really important to me and my family, but I plan to just try my best and ask for help from my teachers when needed next year. Hopefully that will be enough to maintain As and Bs.


Q:How would you describe your middle school experience?
A: Middle school was ‘an experience.’ For the most part I enjoyed it, but you’re kinda forced into studying things you don’t really care about, unlike high school where you get a say in what classes you take. Next year I’m so excited about choir, French, and robotics. However, a passion I found in middle school was the arts, like theater and painting, it’s something I do just for me, and even though I can’t fit it into my schedule next year, I still plan to do art club. But one thing I loved the most about middle school was finding my friend group and really just hanging out with them because there’s a lot of drama in middle school, but if you have good friends, it’ll always end up okay eventually.


Q: What is your favorite thing to do with your free time?
A: I love spending time with family and friends, whether that be singing with my friend Rebecca, playing Barbie’s with my little sister Giovanna, or going boating with my whole family; it’s just so fun to spend time with people who you like and who also want to spend time with you, too!


Q: What is the funniest (or dumbest) thing you and your friends have done for fun?
A: One time my friends and I decided we really wanted tacos, so we decided to ride our bikes to Taco Bell without telling anyone. All are parents assumed the worst and there we were just chilling, eating tacos. I definitely paid the price for that, I was grounded for a bit, but it is still something I look back on positively!