Dedicated to change: a senior’s mission to change LZHS

genna danial, print managing editor

IMG_2696For most of us, school is just a part of our daily routines and nothing more. For Amanda

Buckstaff, senior, school is a place she loves to work for. As Student Council president, she is

all about improving the school.

“I think that the school could be a better place in general because sometimes we struggle

with being united as a school,” Buckstaff said. “I think that making events that everybody can

enjoy individually would make the entire school a better place.”

Buckstaff has been on Student Council since freshman year, but being new to the

program did not stop her from wanting to make a difference. As the years went on, she started

taking even bigger  roles.

“When I was a sophomore I planned the Kickoff Assembly for Charity Bash, and last

year, I did decorations for Homecoming,” Buckstaff said. “It was just cool to do those things and

be behind the scenes, so as I got more involved with it, I enjoyed it more.”

Buckstaff is not alone in her desire to improve the school. She was inspired by past

Student Council presidents to keep a positive attitude and to keep the school on track.

“As I do things [for Student Council] and I see people appreciate them, it encourages me

and tells me I’m doing the right thing,” Buckstaff said. “As I see people’s reactions to the things

that I do, if they’re positive, then it influences me, and I know I should stick with it and keep

doing what I’m doing.”

If you are interested in getting involved in the school too, Buckstaff encourages joining

Student Council or at least participating in the events.

“Attend Charity Bash Events because it makes our school a better place, and it influences

us to do better things when more and more people go,” Buckstaff said. “Get involved because I

don’t think people realize that they’ll enjoy it a lot more than they think they will.”