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2016-2017 Staff

Ria Talukder

Staff Writer

The most important thing you need to know about Ria is Shonali is her real name. Other well known facts include the fact that she wears the same pair of shoes everyday (her beloved Doc Martens), enjoys Bollywood films, and drinks enough soda to increase her likelihood of diabetes. This is Ria’s first year on staff, writing for LZ Life.

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Valerie Multra

Staff Writer

As a freshman, this is Valerie's first year on staff. She currently writes for the Sports section. She's involved in cross country and track. She loves performing in musicals over the summer, traveling around Asia, and is trilingual. Her goal in life is to go to Columbia University.

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Ian Iacullo

Staff Writer

Ian is a first year Bear Facts member, despite being a senior. He is thoroughly interested in world politics, reading, and writing. One of his life goals is to travel to countries in Eastern Europe and study history abroad.

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Emma Brumage-Kilcourse

Staff Writer

As a first year staff member, Emma’s dream is to be an investigative journalist in Washington D.C (while continuing to write poetry on the side). She considers herself a film buff and can, from memory in a Scottish accent, recite the entire “choose life” speech from Trainspotting. She's a fan of bands like Against Me!, TV On The Radio, and Arcade Fire....

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Meghan Warner

Staff Writer

This is Meghan’s first year on staff. She’s a cheerleader and a lacrosse player. She’s lived in three states (Minnesota, North Carolina, and Illinois). Her dream job is to be an emergency room physician. Some of her favorite music artists are James Arthur, Drake, Miley Cyrus, The Fray, and Luke Bryan. Her life goal is to travel the world.

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Jim Weimer

Staff Writer

The Incredible Jim has been in the journalism program for 4 years and is in his second year on staff. Jim plays guitar and plays for the varsity tennis team. He works part time as a tennis coach for young children. He wants to study computer science or psychology at an east or west coast university, and his ultimate goal in life is to be taller than his uncle (6’ 5”).

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Megan Monoson

Cover Editor

Megan is the Cover editor for her second year on staff this year. She is a cheerleader and also coaches the fifth and sixth grade varsity Flames cheerleaders. Her long term goal in life is to become bilingual and to be accepted into the University of Michigan. She is also obsessed with Dunkin’ Donuts and granola bars.

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Madi Klein

Staff Writer

People always ask Madi if she changes her hair every month, if her parents called her in, if that tattoo is real, if she's soft spoken, and what section she writes for. The answers, respectively, are No, not yet, No. It’s sharpie. I draw it on my wrist 3 times a day. I spend $300 on sharpies each month to keep up my grunge image, yes, and LZ Life section (aka the best section).  

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Dominique Gertie

LZ Life Editor

Dominique is the  LZ Life Editor (aka the best section). Aside from Bear Facts, she spends her free time with her friends and getting involved in the LZ culture. Regardless of her severe case of senioritis, she is still making the best of her last year in Lake Zurich before she goes to college somewhere far far away.

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Meggie Furlong

Social Media Manager

Outside of running Bear Facts Student Media’s twitter, Meggie runs cross country and plays lacrosse. She is also involved in Spanish Club, FBLA, Habitat for Humanity, and PE Leadership. She does not appreciate when her head is used as an armrest. Meggie hopes to major in public relations and to continue her passion for journalism.

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Chloe Faris

Staff Writer

Chloe is a sophomore and has been writing for the LZ Life section (aka the best section) for two years. Along with being on staff, Chloe is on Student Council, the Leadership program, Yearbook, Interact, and SNAP, while also trying to get over her addiction to eating ice.

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Rachel Brauer

Staff Writer

This is Rachel's second year on staff and writes for LZ Life section. Even though journalism takes up most of her time, in her free moments, she loves to hang out with friends, read, and write. She is also involved in Poetry Club, Literary Magazine, Interact, and GSA.

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Madison Hart

Print Editor-In-Chief

Madison is on both the basketball and soccer teams, and she spends most of her summer working as a camp counselor in Wisconsin. She has been a staff member for three years, and her goal in life is to have a positive impact on as many people as possible. Her favorite food is ice cream, and she will be majoring in Biomedical Engineering on the Pre-Med track.  

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Brianne Saab


Brianne is an aspiring writer with many poems and short stories filed away. Her current project is a full-length novel she hopes to publish. She is very interested in social issues as well as English, mathematics, and fantastical ideas. She's been on staff for three years now, becoming an editor without trying, and has been involved with journalism for four years.

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Julia Ketcham

Business Manager

Julia is Bear Facts Student Media's Business Manager and will be leaving LZHS in January to start college. Her favorite activities include taking naps on her double open, petting cats, and surfing YouTube for cute cat videos. She has no idea what she wants to do with her life and hates thinking about the future. 

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Danna Tabachnik

Digital Editor-In-Chief

This is Danna's (pronounced Donna, not Dana) third year on staff and fourth year involved in the journalism program. She's on the Varsity Tennis team and is really interested in music. Her favorite musicians include Panic! at the Disco, NEEDTOBREATHE, Maroon 5, Dierks Bentley, and Drake.  Her goal in life is to become the Attorney General and to be taller than 5 feet.

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Jemma Kim

Sports Editor

Last year, Jemma was the Bear Facts Student Media Editor-In-Chief and is now the Sports Editor. She loves getting involved within the school as she is Student Council Vice President along with being a two year Varsity Cross Country Captain and a band Section Leader. She loves to challenge herself and loves meeting new people.

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