Photo by and used with permission of Teresa Davis

Davis’ favorite piece she has made.

Stitching to pass the time

Teresa Davis, senior, had so much time on her hands she decided to give cross stitching a try after seeing one of her camp friends post a picture of what she made.

“It makes the time go by really fast. I’ll [say to myself], ‘I’ll just finish one more row,’ and then 45 minutes will pass, [but it only feels like five],” Davis said.

Davis’s mom used to cross stitch, so Davis got “some tips and tricks” from her mom, and picked up the rest from YouTube. Cross stitching is “honestly pretty easy,” Davis said. “The hardest part is when the string gets tangled. The actual weaving part is really easy. It just takes a lot of patience.”

Davis started an instagram account (@xstitch_w_tmoney) to share her designs with her friends and family. The hobby is a “silly thing I’ve started over quarantine and I’ve made some funny things that I think, maybe will make someone smile,” Davis said.

“I’ve made designs for people who have asked me to make them something. Either they have something in mind and I’ll find a design to make something for them, or they’ll [say] ‘surprise me’ and then I have to come up with something. I usually just make them for my friends, and drop them off at their houses,” Davis said.

She plans on continuing the “calming” activity once quarantine ends, she says. To anyone who wants to try cross stitching, “do it,” Davis said. “Just stick with it because it gets a little frustrating when you’re first starting, but after that it’s super simple, and it’s just a blast.”

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