Photo by and used with permission of Rachael Lee

One of the pictures Lee and her friend took during their photoshoot.

Facetime photoshoots

When things get tough, artists know how to think outside of the box and make the best out of what they have in order to do what they enjoy. For Rachael Lee, junior, that is photography, and she has found other ways to do what she loves.

A benefit of the free time has been the ability to “explore doing different things or dedicate more time to more creative and artistic things that I just haven’t been able to do in a while,” Lee said.

“Obviously since we are social distancing right now I [was not] gonna go and ask friends to do a photo shoot like I typically do, but I heard about the trend of FaceTime photoshoots. I watched other videos and saw pictures on Instagram and other platforms. I FaceTimed one of my friends, and we did a photo shoot basically through there,” Lee said.

It was harder to direct the person modeling because “usually I’m the one in control of the camera,” Lee said. To do the photoshoot, Lee and her friend virtually looked for spots in her friend’s house that had good lighting and background. Lee helped her friend position the camera, and took facetime photos while her friend posed.

“If you just want to practice sharpening your photography skills I think [facetime photoshoots] are a really good learning experience,” Lee said. “It’s also fun because you get to talk to your friends.”


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