Ready to take the road

December 13, 2019

Getting behind the wheel for the first time can be pretty scary for most new drivers. High school is a place for all levels of drivers. No matter what level of driver you are at, there is one thing that all of these drivers have in common: the experience of getting behind the wheel for the first time.


Photo by Photo by Sasha Kek

Zach Dayton, senior is about to drive away in his car. He has had his license for over a year and a half and he now drives himself everywhere.

Experienced driver has the freedom

While driving is a great opportunity for freedom and independence, many students find themselves scared to drive for the first time. Even Zach Dayton, senior, who has had his license for over a year and a half, remembers being nervous to drive for the first time.

“The first time I drove by myself I was nervous because that was the first time I was in a moving car by myself. Although it was really cool that I had all that freedom,” Dayton said.

When Dayton first got his license he had to share a car with his parents, which caused some difficulty. But that has now changed since they bought him his own car. This allowed him to have more freedom because he didn’t have to ask his parents to borrow the car.

Since having his license for over a year and a half, Dayton now drives himself everywhere, including to school and from school. Although he was nervous to begin driving, he enjoys being able to drive his friends around.

“Your parents can set curfews, but you can still drive wherever and whenever you want once you have your license,” Dayton said. “And once you have it over a year, you can drive more than one person, so you can bring whoever.”

Because of Dayton’s experience, he also shared a piece of advice for any new drivers who may be scared to begin driving: “You have to be confident because if you hesitate when you are driving, you’re probably going to crash.”


Photo by Alexandra Rauchfuss

Sasha Razin, sophomore takes drivers ed at the school and has been practicing for about 4 months to get her license.

Newbie takes the road

Many sophomores are jumping on the opportunity to take Drivers Ed as soon as they turn 15. They are more eager to drive themselves and their friends around.
In Drivers Ed classes, many sophomores are learning the skills to make their own choices and be smart when it comes to driving.

While some may find taking Drivers Ed outside of school more convenient, there are also positives to taking Drivers Ed at the school. For Sasha Razin, sophomore, it was better for her to wait until the school year to take Drivers Ed.

“I didn’t have time to take the class over the summer, so I waited to take it during the school year because that was the only time my parents could take me,” Razin said.
When Razin began driving, it was unfamiliar and it took her lots of practice to get used to.

“The first time I drove, I was in a parking lot, and it was really scary because I wasn’t really used to pressing the gas and braking and turning,” Razin said. “It took a while to get used to the feeling.”
Now that Razin has been driving for about four months, she is already looking forward to getting her license in June.

“I’m excited because I will have more independence, and I won’t have to keep asking my parents to drive me everywhere,” Razin said. “I can basically drive wherever and whenever I want.”



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