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May 19, 2023


Photo by and used with the permission of Anastasia Berestova

Berestova posed at a park in her matching black set and white linen shirt last summer. Berestova gained an interest in fashion early on and this summer, she is excited to see the trends.

Flared leggings, oversized hoodies, white sneakers, cargo pants, and Lululemon bags are just some of the many fashion trends that can be seen at LZHS. This summer awaits new fashion trends for all; here is a sneak peek at what students at LZHS will be wearing this summer. 

As someone with a variety of aesthetics, Anastasia Berestova, sophomore, says that this summer will have a “futuristic style.”

“[I think that] cargo skirts, cargo pants, and sporty sunglasses, [will trend]. I see a lot of fishnet [tights]  and crocheted tops,” Berestova said. “[I’m anticipating] a lot of silver [accessories] too.”

In addition to these overall trends, Berestova says she has a few specific pieces in mind that she will be wearing this summer. 

“[I really like] denim mini skirts [and] parachute pants. For hats, baseball caps have always been in style,” Berestova said.

Contrasting from Berestova, Sophia Patrinos, junior and fashion enthusiast, says that a different, media-inspired style will be trending. 

“[I think] Outer Banks inspired outfits [like loose, casual clothing, will be trending] because Outer Banks became popular again. I know last time it did,” Patrinos said. 

Additionally, Patrinos believes more all inclusive styles will be popular.

“I feel like mid rise jean shorts will make a comeback because they’re flattering on every person’s body type,” Patrinos said.

More importantly, however, Patrinos says that following trends should be done cautiously.

“Just start with the basics, and [then] if you see something you really like, [then] buy it,” Patrinos said. “If it does not work, then that is not going to be your style [and that is okay].”

Similarly to Patrinos, David Kalesz, junior, emphasizes the value of “finding your own style.”

“I think trends are cool [because] they showcase something that’s really interesting, but they’re very temporary. [However,] finding your own style is very, very important,” Kalesz said.

For Kalesz’s summer, he says he will be wearing “casual summer fits.”

“[Summer outfits] are not usually anything crazy because it’s so hot outside, but I feel like you can always walk outside in some sandals, shorts, and a nice button up and it’s always gonna look good,” Kalesz said. “I think sometimes a lot of people want to get a very specific piece of clothing and it can kind of throw off someone’s closet.”

Overall, Berestova, Patrinos, and Kalesz agree that trends are not important to follow. Rather, they say there is more to fashion than just trends.

“Try to create a capsule wardrobe. Instead of buying staple pieces that you’ll have trouble styling, try to get some basics,” Berestova said. “A pair of jeans, neutral shirts, a timeless jacket, and white sneakers. Using these pieces you can mix and match to create a variety of outfits. Plus, a smile looks good with any outfit.”

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