School landscape adds a new electronic marquee as a replacement to old one


Construction began for the new marquee the week of July 23. The project will be completed by the time classes start on August 22.

Alex Ketcham, Sports Editor

As the new year comes around, new changes to the landscape of the school are on the horizon. A main change is the replacement of the marquee outside the school.

By the end of the summer, a new electronic marquee will be constructed on the hill next to the senior lot. It serves as a replacement to the old marquee, which has not been functioning for at least 18 months, according to Ryan Rubenstein, assistant principal.

“The new marquee will have updated technology with it and the structure of it is going to be different as well,” Rubenstein said. “It’s going to be further up the hill from where it is and there is a new design concept that they are going to be building it up with. The previous company we were using went out of business so we are using a contractor this time.”

The marquee will display announcements as well as acknowledge individual students, sports teams, and clubs who are having success, Rubenstein said.

“I think it’s a great way to communicate because it is a heavily trafficked road,” said Vicky Cullinan, District Assistant Superintendent of Business and Operations. “In today’s age when less people are reading newspapers it’s a way to communicate with people who are live in our community, are a part of our community and travel that road.”

Construction began the week of July 23 and administration expects the project to be done within three to four weeks, according to Rubenstein.

To go along with the new marquee at the high school, there is also construction of new signs at other schools within the district, according to Cullinan.

“We are replacing the signs in front of Seth Paine, Isaac Fox, Spencer Loomis, and Sarah Adams and the high school, Cullinan said. “They are all getting new signs with the high school being the only electronic one.”

Administrators believe this is the right fix to add to the landscape of the school, but they understand that it will not be a cheap or quick fix, according to Rubenstein.

“We have a responsibility as administrators at the high school but also at the district level to be good stewards of the districts money and the taxpayers money,” Rubenstein said. “When we look at decisions like this, that’s what we really have to take into account is all of those types of factors.”