Cross country goes to Peoria

julia kuhn, indepth editor

     The boys’ cross country team and the girls’ varsity cross country team will go to Peoria for a meet this weekend.

    “This meet is important because of the competition there but also because this course is the course used for the State race,” Meaghan Gelinas, senior cross country runner, said. “We get a chance to run there this weekend, and hopefully we will make it back and get to run there again.”

    The Richard Springs Invitational is in Detweiller Park in Peoria, about a three hour drive from LZHS. The meet is on September 21, 2013, but both teams leave on Friday during the school day.

    The boys’ cross country team will take their whole team with them to the meet, and the team leaves after fourth period on Friday. The boys’ team will take school buses down to Peoria.

    The girls’ cross country team only takes their top fourteen runners to the meet, and will take the athletic minibus, driven by the coach, Ian Silverman. The girls’ team leaves after third period.