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New club offers volunteerism

kevin logan, bear facts news editor

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            An organization for all teens ages 12 to 18 is preparing to start a Lake Zurich chapter to promote volunteerism to teenage community members.

            Leo’s Club will provide teens with skills and experiences they can carry on and apply for their entire lives, according to Martha Garlock, Lion’s Club Secretary.

“The group will create leaders and develop character for young adults through decision- making and planning skills,” Garlock said. “The Lion’s Clubs funds will start off the Leo’s Club, but once the organization is up and running, it will be all up to them to keep things moving financially and structurally.”

            Alison Rigsby, member of the Lake Zurich Lion’s Club, started the process of creating a Leo’s Club due to the number of young adults showing interest in the community.

            “About 30 teens have been active in volunteering at various events or fundraisers in the Lake Zurich Lion’s Club community, so the Lion’s Club decided to give them a title as well as a unified organization,” Rigsby said. “Because of the kid’s hard work, the Lion’s Club wants to sponsor the Leo’s Club through our funds to help them get started.”

            Rigsby and various other Lion’s Club members, as well as students, have taken on the job to create the Leo’s Club.

“My friends and I have been working for the Lion’s Club as volunteers for years, but we can’t wait to make our own contributions to the community,” Shelby Rigsby, sophomore and President of the Leo’s Club, said.

The prospective members for the Leo’s Club have participated in volunteer work at local events such as selling food at Alpine Fest, working at local food pantries, and doing annual park clean ups.        

“Myself as well as the vice president and other officers are already starting to come up with some new ideas on fundraising and community work,” Rigsby said. “We want to be more active in the schools doing things like bake sales or selling raffle tickets.”

The money raised will go towards startup funds and activities for the Leo’s Club members.

            If fundraising is a success, the Leo’s Club plans to use excess funds to send a child or children to Camp Lions. Camp Lions is a camp for hearing and visually impaired children to spend time and play games with others who share the same challenges.

The cost to send a child to Camp Lions is around $500. The donation pays for the child’s food, housing, and camp activities.

            Activities such as bowling nights, pizza parties, and laser-tag will be rewarded to Leo’s Club members for their hard work throughout the year.

            The Lake Zurich Leo’s Club is open to all Illinois teens ages 12 to 18 who are willing to attend and participate in meetings and fundraising.

            A meeting will be held today at the Lion’s Den, located in downtown Lake Zurich, for all prospective participants in the Leo’s Club.

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New club offers volunteerism