LZHS Harry Potter club has its second meeting


Julia Kuhn, Features Writer

The Harry Potter Club is now open for learning about the secrets of magic.

“We had our second meeting today, and it went really well. There were a few less people there than last time, but the people there were very enthusiastic and excited, which made the meeting fun,” Veronika Paprocka, club co-President, said.

According to Paprocka, there were fourteen people who attended the meeting, and at the meeting, the club members took a quiz to determine which of the four Hogwarts houses they would be sorted into. The four Hogwarts houses are based on key personality traits: Gryffindor, bravery; Slytherin, cunning; Ravenclaw, intelligence; and Hufflepuff, loyalty.

“I’m in Gryffindor, which is pretty awesome because in the books, Harry Potter was in Gryffindor and their trait is bravery, so it’s a pretty honorable house to be in,” Karen Lai, sophomore club member, said. “Well, we actually took a quiz to determine the houses, but I felt like it was almost like how they sorted people in Harry Potter. There ended up being about four to five people in each house.”

Paprocka and Rachel Pope, sophomore, will be co-presidents while the rest will be determined at the future meetings.

“At the meeting we also got information to apply for a position, like secretary, treasurer, or positions on the creative team,” Lai said. “I’m going to apply for treasurer because I really like Harry Potter, and I want to find ways to get money for the club so we can do more activities.”

The club co-Presidents, Paprocka and Pope, have already planned some activities for future meetings.

“Next week we are having a trivia contest, which I think will be pretty exciting,” Paprocka said. “We’re also planning other games, along with a movie night and making butterbeer one day.”