Bear Facts

Tara Peterson gives the gift of time.for time holidays. Time is the most important gift to recive especially with loved ones.

Merry Memories

December 18, 2017

Matt Mauleon and Nicole Savage, senior couple, stands under an umbrella. Dating for over three years, the couple has battled the element of time throughout their long relationship.

Lasting love

December 18, 2017

Holding onto time

December 18, 2017

Student directing: the work left unscene

Megan Monoson, Magazine Editor-in-Chief

August 26, 2017

They are nervous, but excited. Their stomachs churn as they hear people talking directly in front of them, but they cannot see their audience. As the lights flicker, the room becomes silence, the curtains open, and the producti...

Seniors dance their way into the future

Meghan Warner, staff writer

June 2, 2017

Hundreds of seniors will graduate this June and move away to college; however, three of those seniors are moving in a different direction as well. Although not attending college as a typical major, some seniors have chosen a u...

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