Bear Facts

Tara Peterson gives the gift of time.for time holidays. Time is the most important gift to recive especially with loved ones.

Merry Memories

Jackson Farsalas, Staff Writer
December 18, 2017
Matt Mauleon and Nicole Savage, senior couple, stands under an umbrella. Dating for over three years, the couple has battled the element of time throughout their long relationship.

Lasting love

Chloe Faris, Co-Spotlight editor
December 18, 2017
Throughout high school many students relationships with their parents change as students amount of free time becomes more limited; however, Finnley Jessogne, sophomore, and her mother Allison Hoops have finally figure out how to hold onto the limited time they have been able to spend together since Jessogne started high school. Overall, not only just Jessogne felt a disconnect in her and her parents relationship before, but bettering the relationship   just takes finding the right timing of conversations.

Holding onto time

Megan Monoson, Magazine Editor-in-Chief
December 18, 2017
Leah Cunningham, freshman, has a few laughs with friend Lara Cardona, freshman, in Studio C during their study hall.

Survey says: check your expectations

Meghan Warner, staff writer
October 9, 2017

Student directing: the work left unscene

Megan Monoson, Magazine Editor-in-Chief
August 26, 2017
View out of the dashboard from a plane flown by Tyler Krasavage.

Flying Towards Graduation

Valerie Multra, staff writer
June 2, 2017
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